Why are we different?

Because we designed the collar around what dogs do and by asking owners what they wanted.

The collar has advantages that include:


  • An integrated design with the technology built into the collar.
  • An alert system to notify if it is being tampered with, lock broken and made with anti-cut webbing made exclusively for us.
  • Adjustable to sizes ranging from 34cm to 66cm.
  • Three advanced tracking technologies, GPS (Satnav), GSM (Telecom) and RF (radio frequency).
  • Waterproof – which means your dog CAN go swimming in freshwater with it on.
  • Practical power management system to maximise battery life using our ICYou charger. Typical recharging for domestic pet owners; once every 5-7 days.

Tracking and Location

  • Live phone tracking using Retrieva/ViewRanger mapping software package.
  • The collar can record up to 1,000 locations and data within its memory.
  • International coverage using roaming Sim card (additional conditions may apply).

Convenience & Lifestyle

  • Panic button for the owner to alert friends or family of location if required.
  • A menu of automated alerts to choose from sent straight to your phone – including left home and arrived home, low or flat battery, panic alert, and safe area breach..
  • Ability to establish safe areas from computer or when out, with your phone.
  • LED test lights to show performance status.
  • View history of walks using the mapping panel and see where your dog really goes if it escapes.
  • Excellent customer service and support.
How it works
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