Vulnerable People - GPS Tracking for Children, Vulnerable People and the Elderly

GPS tracking devices for children at risk, vulnerable people and the elderly. A constant worry for many parents and carers is the location of children who may be vulnerable, or the elderly who may suffer from dementia. We are now able to offer GPS tracking for children at risk, as well as the elderly and other vulnerable people through the use of a Retrieva™ tracking unit. This can be fixed to a belt or placed in a pocket and pre-set so that should the wearer leave a given location or go missing then the unit reports this event back to the carer via text or e-mail. The wearer can then be tracked via the internet web-panel or a mobile phone if necessary

All tracking devices have panic buttons that will transmit an alert and current location to any pre-defined mobile phones, and can be set to issue automatic alerts when certain events take place, such as leaving a safe area or entering an area that is considered dangerous.

Please note that there are strict legal requirements around the tracking of individuals and it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not break the law.