Understanding the Retrieva Package and System

What you get

The package includes: 1 tracking collar, one charging unit, a year's telecom and live tracking data coverage and access to the Retrieva management and mapping panel.

We also supply an outer cover for additional protection. The cover is a requirement for the warranty against accidental physical damage, however caused.

Our one year warranty covers all electronic or system malfunction and any accidental damage when used with the protective cover.

The collars have a panic button for the owner to report their location to friends or family if necessary. We also have a specially designed quick release clip for use with working dogs where location monitoring is required but where the dog might not normally wear a collar.

Can anyone track my device or collar?

No. They can be set so that only approved phone numbers can communicate with the collar. This is set up via the mapping panel.

Safe areas / "virtual fencing".

The collars can use different forms of virtual fencing to alert you if your dog leaves an area.

  • You can set radial safe area from 100m to 64,000m around any current location and it will advise you by text message if the device leaves this area.
  • Using the Retrieva Mapping panel to define a specific perimeter, say around a farm, within which the dog would be considered safe. The tracker can be programmed to alert you if it leaves this area.

How to charge your device

The collars are rechargeable using the supplied charging unit. Complete recharging from flat takes about 2 hours, and is typically required every 5-7 days depending on use.

Limitations of use

The combination of technologies ensures that this product is the most advanced and most reliable of its kind. However, Retrieva Ltd (and their products) rely on others to provide GSM (mobile phone) signal coverage and GPS coverage, and cannot be responsible for other limiting factors beyond our control which can impact the use of electronic and telecom devices, such as atmospherics, buildings, obstructions etc. Therefore we cannot guarantee performance due to these external limiting factors.