What our customers are saying about the Retrieva Tracking Collar:

  • "I just wanted to thank you for this great purchase I made. My collar is an investment and yes the cost really shows the quality, you get what you pay for. The unit has really been designed well for my pet. I was initially put off by the cost but to be honest with you, I spent £85 on another product which did not last and was not so good. I want to thank you for your support which i have used, this product is superior and your support is excellent. I will purchase another unit for my second dog. Thank you so much" Jim.

  • "I would like to comment on the outstanding service that we have received from Retrieva. To be honest I hadn’t expected to receive the new collar until I had sent the old one back, but as it came before that, it was great because Cooper wasn’t without some form of protection. You have always been very responsive and polite in all correspondence and are an absolute joy to do business with. It feels us with great confidence having the collar, because we feel sure we have a professional and friendly company supporting the product month-on-month." Richard, Bristol.

  • "Cody has recently developed a habit of going into the middle of the woods (well away from the paths) and then just staying there doing who knows what. I can tell from the replies I get from the text I send to the collar that he is not moving, which is quite annoying as I have really scratched legs from going through the undergrowth to find him. Without the Retrieva collar I would not have a hope so I am really grateful that it is working well. Now I am operating it correctly I continue to be impressed at the way it pretty much takes me right to him!" Donna, Hampshire.

  • "We bought a Retrieva collar after our German Shepherd got lost in a major city, after we got her back we vowed it would never happen again and looked at several GPS dog collars. The Retrieva collar is by far the best for features, cost and ease of use, knowing that finding her is only a text message away when she disappear into some bushes is fantastic. The peace of mind it gives is more than worth any cost and we will definitely be buying another two for our new pups. Couple this with the excellent customer service and backup that Retrieva give, I would advise anyone who has a dog to get one, - after all, if you did lose your dog, how much would you pay to get it back? " Marc, Berkshire..

  • "It's absolutely awesome! Using their website you create a perimeter using Google Earth (you can actually create two perimeters if you like - handy if your dog goes into Kennels or to a relatives) - then whenever the dog strays outside of the perimeter you get a text message detailing his exact GPS position, which direction he's heading and what speed. Within the message is a Google Maps link which you click (say on your iPhone or Nokia) and it shows you his exact location on Google Earth (i.e. what street he's in)! I've used this collar for about a month now and I can tell you it's absolutely fantastic. " Mark, Essex.

  • "Sirs, I believe that the Retrieva system is the best tracker collar on the market today. The system even works in remote, mountainous and heavily wooded areas where we live in Spain. The team at Retrieva are incredibly helpful and I could not recommend them or their product more highly. Fantastic product!,Thank you." Miranda, Spain.

  • "Thanks for all your help recently, I really appreciate it and I am now able to enjoy my walks in the early morning because I know I can find Libby and will be able to get to work on time!" Sara, Kent.

  • "The collar proved to be very useful ...... Picked her in the evening 15 km's "bird way" from the starting point. ViewRanger guided to her." Jouko, Finland.

  • "The collar is just fantastic! I can't believe how well it works. The battery is phenomenal." Will, Kent.

  • "The collar has really been brilliant and has brought us great peace of mind. Twice it has enabled us to find our beagle just before he ran across a main road." Camille, Somerset.

  • "... really pleased with the setup, does just what it says on the tin, brilliant" Mick, Northants.

  • "I have come to rely on the feeling of security that the collar provides!!" Jo, South Yorkshire.

  • "A great product that I would happily recommend to others." Peter, Bedfordshire.

  • "Overall the Retrieva GPS collar is a life saver, which makes it invaluable." Paul, Bedfordshire.

  • "I have been able, thanks to the collar, to pinpoint within a few yards the great escape routes - three tunnels, once over a five foot fence, must have climbed!" Janet, Buckinghamshire.

  • "The coordinates were spot on. The response from the collar was within a minute while in roam mode." Ken, Lanarkshire.

  • "I am very happy with the collar I found the set up quite easy and also find tracking my dog simple." Ann, Stirlingshire.

  • "The collar is excellent and I am building up the courage to let my beagle off the lead knowing I can track her if she takes off." Gill, Hampshire.

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