On The Road

This is a small portable tracking device that has multiple potential uses. It operates in the same way as the Retrieva tracking collar, using the same software and is integrated with the ICYou base station and the Retrieva mapping panel.

There are many potential uses for this and we have listed a few below:


The unit can be discreetly fitted to a motorbike. It does not need hard-wiring or any complex fitting.


Trailers are often left unattended and as they have no power source of their own have been very difficult to track. You can fit or place a Retrieva ™ tracking unit anywhere on the inside or outside of the trailer (making sure that there is some view of the sky for the GPS to work correctly) and be alerted if anyone tries to move or steal it.


Like trailers, caravans are often left unattended and are vulnerable to theft. Simply fit a Retrieva™ tracking unit anywhere inside or out and let it be your eyes and ears for any unwanted intrusion. No professional fitting required.


The unit is even small enough to protect valuable bikes. With top quality new bikes costing thousands of pounds and being especially vulnerable to thieves, fixing a tracking unit can provide deterrence as well as the opportunity to be alerted to unauthorised removal and the ability to recover the bike.