The ICYou™ Base Station & Charging Unit

Why settle for a boring charging system when you can have an intelligent one? Each Retrieva tracking product comes with an ICyou™ charging station which is clever enough to charge all of our range of products, as well as being able to know when the tracker is close enough to be safe. This way it can tell the tracker to conserve its energy and also let you know when the tracker leaves home.

It has an approximate range radius of up to 100m which can be extended if required by buying an additional ICyou™ station. You can pair any number of trackers with a single base station.

The ICyou™ will save your tracker or collars energy for when it is most needed, and should the tracker leave home unexpectedly it can let you know.

Limitations of Use

GSM Signal All Retrieva tracking products use GSM (mobile/cell/wireless) networks to transmit data between the tracking devices and customers, their representatives, mapping providers and Retrieva Ltd. Such networks, whilst prevalent, are not guaranteed to be available in every location, all of the time. The provision of such networks and their services is not the responsibility of Retrieva Ltd or any of its associated companies, and Retrieva Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for any failure by any network provider to either provide a service or provide network coverage. Limitations may manifest themselves as (but not be limited to) limited, patchy or no GSM signal or delayed delivery of SMS notifications.

RF Signal Retrieva products also use Radio Frequency transmissions (RF) for communication and tracking purposes. The range and effectiveness of these signals can vary depending on (but not limited to) climate, location, atmosphere, buildings, barriers and receiver equipment. Retrieva Ltd makes no guarantee of range or performance, and any indication of range or performance is deemed only what is considered reasonable under normal circumstances, and is not guaranteed.

Waterproofing Retrieva products are manufactured to the very highest standards, and have IP67 rating. This means that they are waterproof to a depth of 1 metre, and guaranteed against any dust ingress into the electronics. However we cannot be responsible for any product that has been interfered with, opened, accessed, cracked, broken, forced, misused or in any other way compromised by the customer.

Battery Life It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their Retrieva product is appropriately charged. Whilst the product will endeavour to advise you of a low charge or discharged battery, we do not guarantee this process and this does not remove the customer’s responsibility to adequately charge the product and/or otherwise ensure that it is properly charged.

Event Reporting All Retrieva products have a market-leading event reporting capability, and will endeavour to report events as required. However this may not be possible under certain circumstances, or may be delayed, for reasons outside of the control of Retrieva Ltd, and therefore we cannot guarantee that such events will always be reported.

Health and Approvals Unless specifically stated, all Retrieva products are appropriately approved for sale in the markets where they are available. This ensures that the products are manufactured to the highest standards, are safe to use and will not knowingly cause harm to anyone or anything that may use them whilst being used in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines. We are not aware of any circumstances where such devices have adversely affected the health or well-being of any user.

Safety & Security All Retrieva products have a range of capabilities that enable them to significantly aid and support the safety and welfare of the user. However because of service limitations out of our control we do not guarantee any performance in these or any circumstances, and would advise any user or owner to always ensure that other means of welfare and safety precautions are also in place. Whilst we have utmost confidence in the ability of any Retrieva product we cannot accept responsibility for any injury or damage caused by reliance on our tracking system.

Access to Systems Whilst Retrieva Ltd will do their utmost to ensure constant access to all appropriate systems, including mapping and GSM networks, we cannot guarantee this at all times. Please see our terms and conditions. Access to Retrieva systems will only be made available to customers who have paid outstanding bills and access remains at the discretion of the company.