Jon Bryan

In January 2006 Jon was walking his 2 Spaniels, Abbey and Oscar, when they did their usual trick of disappearing – no doubt after an interesting smell. Whilst on the phone explaining to his wife that he may be home a little late (!) he realised that the technology in his phone was also able to locate him. He thought there must be something out there that he could put on the errant Spaniels to help find them. It was really at this moment that the Retrieva Tracking Collar was conceived and after 3 years of development, Abbey and Oscar are proud owners (and test dummies!) of their own GPS locating technology.

Prior to this eureka moment Jon had worked in the City from 1980. Many of those years were with Robert Fleming, a British Fund Management and Investment Banking group, JPMorgan Chase, and Collins Stewart.

He left the City in 2002 to pursue other interests, including establishing a small property development company as well as various IT projects and studying for a degree through the Open University. Retrieva Ltd was established in 2006.

Jon lives in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, with his wife Paola, their two daughters and the ever present spaniels.

Jon with Oscar – one of the dogs that inspired the creation of the Retrieva tracking collar.

Andrew Stuart

In January 2006 Andy was still lying low in a banking job in The City of London when Jon called to invite him to lunch and discuss a new business idea. He still refers to this as the most expensive lunch he's ever had! However, the fact that one of his dogs is an untrustworthy beagle made it seem a sensible idea at the time. Working together over the next 2 years on the Retrieva project Andy finally left Banking in April 2008.

Andy joined Robert Fleming in 1990 to set up a new business which he and Jon ran for the next 11 years. After Flemings was acquired by JPMorgan Chase, he then worked in various banks developing new and restructuring existing businesses.

Prior to banking, he had held a Commission in the British Army having graduated from Warwick University with a degree in Economics. He also holds a Masters in Business Administration from Warwick.

Andy lives in Harlow, Essex with his wife Diane, their daughter and two sons, a very well behaved Labrador named Molly and a not-so-well behaved Ben the Beagle.

Andy Stuart with Ben, his errant beagle