Finding Your Dog

Phone and iPad Mapping Info

The Retrieva collar reports straight to your mobile phone or computer.

There are several ways in which you can locate or track your dog.

  1. A simple text message:
    Send the text, get the answer, touch the link and the location will appear on Google Maps on your phone.

    This will also initiate the GPS on your phone and will show your location relative to the dog.
  1. Live phone tracking on ViewRanger mapping software.
    Download the free ViewRanger app. and track your dog live using satellite images We also strongly advise that you download local detailed topographical mapping for the small additional cost. When dogs wander, they do not stay in areas easily identifiable by satellite photographs and clear mapping is the best way to locate them.

    Retrieva and ViewRanger have worked closely to adapt their award winning mapping software to work with the collar.

    What it does:

    • It shows off-road detail such as woods, paths, streams and contour lines.
    • It will show you where your dog is, updated every minute.
    • The dog’s location can be seen on either satellite or topographical mapping.
    • Shows the last few points recorded.
    • It can show your location relative to the dog so you know which way to walk to find it.

    Visit for more information on the mapping software.

  1. By Text message with decimal latitude and longitude.
    Text the collar, get the answer, insert the lat and long into a mapping system or Google Earth and see the location. The data also includes speed and direction of travel.
  2. iPad, tablets or computer.
    Using the internet to access your collar management page will enable you locate or track the dog without leaving home or the office.