The World's First Tracking and Anti-Theft Dog Collar

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Retrieva is the only dog tracking collar in the world that delivers:

  • Live phone tracking on detailed topographical mapping or satellite imagery.
  • Live tracking to your computer or iPad.
  • Location on map or satellite image on request.
  • Anti theft features including lock, anti-cut webbing and tamper alert messages.
  • Safe areas / virtual fences.
  • Panic alert button for the owner.
  • Alert messages for escaping dogs, battery strength etc

The Retrieva tracking collar has been designed by looking at every aspect of a dog's life and behaviour. It is being used by pet owners, for working and field sport dogs and service dogs.

For service dogs or specialist use please contact us directly so that we can explain the additional features not covered on the website.

How it works
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Rabies research in Bhutan.
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